Due to the wide range of vehicle sizes and condition,
please call (928) 978-5322 for an accurate price quote or free on-site consultation.

Throughout the years, We’ve restored and detailed thousands of automobiles, correcting just about every type of problem imaginable and can honestly answer any questions you might have. We’ll come to your home or office equipped with soft water, electricity and shade to personally detail your vehicle. We use only the latest technology and best materials obtainable. We emphasize Quality,  not volume and personally guarantee the absolute finest auto detail available.

“Excellent Exterior”

Our own extensive 6-step paint restoration/protection procedure.

1. Meticulous hand wash including rims, wheels, wheel wells and floor boards.
2. Hand clay buff entire car removing plluting fallout and contamination.
3. Remove light scratches and oxidation with a light compound.
4. Restore paint’s exuberance by polishing.
5. Protect the paint’s finish using “Klasse” polymer sealant wax.
6. Finally, a UV dressing is applied to the tires, trim, and bumpers.

Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

“Superior Interior”

Thorough cleaning and polishing of all interior surfaces including the dashboard, door panels, seats and all the nooks and crannies. The upholstery, carpets and mats are shampooed then professionally extracted with a rinse solution. Leather is both cleaned and conditioned with Lexol leather care products.

Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

“Platinum Auto Detail”

Combination “Superior Interior” and “Excellent Exterior” at one incredibly low price. This is my most comprehensive detail cleaning package protecting everything from bumper to bumper.

Time Frame: 6-8 Hours

“Gold Auto Detail”

A meticulous exterior hand wash including rims, wheel wells and floor boards. A one step miracle wax sealant is applied to protect the paint’s finish. Rims and tires are both cleaned and protected. The interior includes a thorough vacuum and cleaning of interior surfaces (dashboard, door panels and cup holders). The floor mats will be professionally shampooed then extracted with a rinse solution. Windows will be cleaned both inside and out.

Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

“Premium Hand Car Wash”

  • Grill pre-spotted for bugs and debris
  • Brake dust removed from rims
  • Ph-balanced exterior car wash
  • Spot-free rinse and blow dry
  • Thorough interior vacuum
  • Interior UV dressing shine applied
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Spot clean door panels, seats, dashboard, vents, cup holders and console
  • Apply UV dressing shine to exterior tires and trim

Time Frame:  1-2 hours