Mobile Auto Detailing Payson AZ – Paint Perfection

Understanding the five basic exterior detailing steps and proper terminology will help you achieve a show room shine.

  1. Hand Wash – Use a Ph balanced car soap. The most common mistake is using a liquid detergent.
  2. Clay Bar Buff – The clay bar pulls out polluting fallout and contamination without abrasion to the paint.
  3. Compound – Using a compound combined with a foam applicator will remove scratches and oxidation.
  4. Polish – Polish restores the paint’s pigmentation by filling in slight imperfections. Thus, preparing the paint for the final wax.
  5. Wax/Sealant – A wax or paint sealant is used as a final step to protect the finish. Carnauba wax is naturally produced by palm trees. Paint Sealants are synthetic and typically last longer.

Completing these five steps in order will result in the best possible paint restoration and protection.


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