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Mobile Auto Detailing Payson AZ – Paint Perfection

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Understanding the five basic exterior detailing steps and proper terminology will help you achieve a show room shine. Hand Wash – Use a Ph balanced car soap. The most common mistake is using a liquid detergent. Clay Bar Buff – The clay bar pulls out polluting fallout and contamination without abrasion to the paint. Compound […]

Auto Detailing Payson AZ – Top 3 Auto Detailing Myths Debunked

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Auto Detailing Myth #1: Dishwashing detergent is safe to use for washing a car. This is probably the most popular myth. Dish washing liquids, like Dawn dish detergent, are designed to remove oils, grease, food, ect., and they do a great job. However, they also do a great job of removing waxes, polymers and silicone. […]